10 Best Skateboard Trucks 2019

Like the joints in our body, the skateboard truck is an alloy rod attached to the board, having a role in bearing effect and holding 4 wheels.

As you know, skateboarding has long been a trend among the young. However, for beginners in this sport, there must be many unfamiliarities.

Three years ago, I started to step into the magical world of skateboarding.

However, by just a little mistake in choosing the wrong detail (a bit larger than needed), my investment was wasteful.

Afterward, I thoroughly researched this field to make it better, and now I can play as a longtime skater.

To know how I did, don’t miss any necessary information here as well as the best picks of all time.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Trucks 2019

1 Independent Silver 139mm Skateboard Trucks – Best For Frequent Street Skateboarder

Independent Silver 139mm-Skateboard Trucks

This Independent truck is a very solid one, which is why I determine it is for those who usually play skateboard. Most of the details are aluminum, making it lightweight and durable.

What will you gain from a sturdy skateboard? There is a variety of reasons why you should buy this product.

First, when turning on rough ground, you will keep your balance effortless and more flexible.

Second, the lightweight factor will allow you to grind smoothly. When you perform different tricks, the board will react quicker, helping you improve your technique, even flipping the board down the stairs.

When initially installing the truck and skating, I recognized that it created a noise, especially when I turned. However, it’s still my favorite because, after a few uses, the sound gradually faded away.

2 Destructo D1 Raw Low Trucks – Offer The Greatest Versatility

Destructo D1 Raw Low Trucks - CleverSkateboard

Destructo is a reputable skateboard truck brand. People love their product due to the high-quality and multitalented advantages, and this D1 model is no exception.

Let’s see what it offers.

Among the product lines of the brand, you can recognize the truck D1 easily because it offers a very snappy response compared to the earlier brothers.

The D2 version also has a similar attribute with the D1 but is more responsive. In return, we don’t appreciate its ability to make the deck perfectly stable which the D1 does excellent.

So if you’re not professional in skateboarding, then the D1 will be your best bet.

Besides the great versatility, I promise you’ll like the amazingly lightweight aluminum trucks of Destructo. Thanks to this advancement, you can grind smoothly and perform accelerated flips.

Though they are reliable, the trucks’ durability is a problem, especially the worn hanger.

But you don’t need to worry because of the lifetime guarantee policy of Destructo. If your trucks have issues, you can return them for a new pair.

3 Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/ Skateboard Trucks – The Best For Longboard

If you are familiar to the longboard desk, congratulation! This one is for you.

We highly recommend buying the Gullwing trucks to pair with the 9-inch board and above for the maximum performance.

The reason why is that they fit well with almost all kinds of the skateboard, especially transforming the longboard when you slap them on.

This product allows skaters to ride the skateboard anywhere with outstanding flexibility compared to other brands. But you shouldn’t play on the busy street until you get used to the trucks.

Is it enough to say about the advantages of Gullwing trucks?

Entirely not! When using the trucks, you can’t see any feeling of loose or unstable. And the result is, you can control all the movement and tricks to improve your technique.

Also, it’s carving design is very attractive, suitable for those who love decorating their skateboard to be exceptional on the street.

However, the installment of the truck still makes me confused at my first use. So you should ask the seller to guide or look for help on the internet.

4 Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck – Perfect For Downhill

Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck

It’s undeniable that the Caliber 10-inch truck is built for speed which is suitable for riding skateboards along the downhill.

With a 44-degree hanger angle, the truck allows you to push the limits of racing on surfaces with a steep slope. For those who live in precipitous lands like Chicago, it’s very convenient.

The bushings attaching with the truck are advantageous. It is super light and super robust, helping minimize the pressure to the decks.

At the same time, the barrel bushings provide a lot of resistance, which also won’t let the skateboard turn to quickly.

Furthermore, you will never get a hint of wobbles when skating at high speed on these trucks, because the Blood Orange Bushings figured with two 89A Ultra-high Rebound barrels will keep them stable for you.

For now, the only one time I had speed wobbles was when I did not tighten the truck enough. The brand designs the hanger at a low placement with the purpose of better stability.

So, what’s the Caliber truck’s drawback? The covers are easily chipped and scratched, and the desk is less response at low speeds.

Despite that, the brand sells the trucks at an affordable price. They are still indeed a good go, and you should give them a try.

5 INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11 7.75 – New Standard With An Iconic Look

INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm

Independent has blown a new wind to the iconic look of almost all its products with unique performance and newly crafted geometry, reflected in the 129mm truck.

It is compatible with all kinds of skateboarding, but if your deck size is 7.4-8.0 inch, then it is ideal for you.

The truck provides high performance and durability with an aluminum hanger and baseplate, solid steel axle, and grade 8 kingpins, promising to bring you with the best skating experience of agile turning.

With this Independent truck, you can enjoy the riding at better stability and more overall grind clearance.

It is lightweight with improvised hardware, guaranteeing the precise turns, superior stability, and less high-speed wobbles.

If you doubt about its durability, I can say that it endures and lasts longer than any other ordinary ones in the skateboard truck industry.

However, you should thoroughly ask the seller to guide to install the truck, because the wheel adjustment can easily cause a small issue at first uses.

6 Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – Best Downhill Skateboard Truck For Beginners

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

If you are a beginner or at least those who learn the basic and advanced technique of skateboarding, you should not miss this stable yet flexible truck.

Do you have a longboard? The lucky news is that the truck can solve all the compatibility.

It is also the go-to for people who want to dance, cruise, ride downhill, or even freeride. Thanks to the improvement in the inner-step, it can maximize the rebound and responsiveness.

On top of all these, it offers a 50-degree baseplate angle, which means that you can turn smoothly at a high level of stability. If you want to move faster, you can add a little more pressure into the lean.

We also appreciate these robust set of trucks. They can endure through any weather conditions, from mud, rain, and dirt, so it’s okay to ride crossing the dirt road or forest.

Like the same brand product on this list, it also less response especially at low speeds. But for beginners who do not get used to speed, you can see that it doesn’t matter.

7 Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks – Best For Carving

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Riding a skateboard requires skaters techniques as well as an appropriate board. Otherwise, in the process of practicing, the skaters can quickly encounter an injury.

With this Paris V2 truck, you no longer worry about the effect of falling when performing any complicated tricks, especially carving.

The truck provides users with the smoothest and most fluid carves in and out of turns. Also, it is surprisingly responsive and stable due to the 50-degree baseplate.

What does that mean?

It is, you can have the best support no matter how steep the terrain you’re skating is.

Not to mention, it is a fashionable truck with attractive features and durability.

The brand has improved it by adding an advanced washer, sturdy hanger, and kingpin clearance. The long-lasting coat and multi colors make the truck favorable among other ones as well.

However, the bushings of the truck are a problem that they are soft. Overall, it is still in my list and will remain there for as long as I can see.

8 Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks – The Most Reasonable Truck

Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks

If you fall in love with the Independent outstanding skateboard trucks but need ones costing a more affordable price, then the Thunder Polished product will comfort you.

There’s not much to say about the trucks coming from the Thunder brand, because everyone knows the quality level they offer.
But if you haven’t heard of them, I will tell you why.

Cool, lightweight, secure, and durable are a few of the adjectives that you can see if you buy a Thunder Polished truck.

I’ve used them for two years, and they have never broken or worn out. The polished and scratch resistant features also help the trucks retain their mystery coat.

Additionally, the sturdy design enables skaters to gain a quicker turn response and stability.

Not only is it compatible with almost all types of skateboard riders but it also comes at a very affordable price. It can fulfill all your demands at first uses.

If you usually ride skateboards on wet surfaces, this Thunder product might not be suitable for you. Though they have a glossy coat, they still come rusted sometimes in a specific condition.

9 Soft Trucks – Skateboard Practice Trucks – Best For Practicing Skateboard Tricks

Soft Trucks – Skateboard Practice Trucks

Stability is what’s expected from a truck, and the Soft ones are no exception. However, they serve users differently and primarily.

When I first saw the trucks on Amazon, I was pretty skeptical. They have the height of a standard board, but they don’t get any wheel.

How does it work without wheels?

To make the truck, people use the super thick and durable TPU Urethane (a highly versatile elastomer offering both superior performance and processing flexibility).

Hence, it is still stable when you perform all kinds of tricks like ollies, kickflips, stalls, flips, etc.

Notably, in the freezing weather of winter, you won’t have to go outside to practice skateboard, and your neighbors won’t make complaint also because there will be no noise created in your house.

Since you can’t roll on these trucks, you should buy the product only when you need ones to practice and improve your skills.

10 BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 – The Best For Beginners

BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5

This longboard truck provides a wide range of prices, so we can affirm that it is the best bet for those who start to invest in a skateboard truck.

More than that, it has all the attributes making it a great pair of trucks.

Firstly, it has the highest quality standards, made of new-aluminum alloy formula. That makes it lightweight.

Secondly, it is very versatile and stable when sliding. The flipping feature is pretty impressive, especially with the longboard.

Thirdly, the 52-degree baseplate angle offers better stability and shock absorbing.

Although the truck has a small problem with its soft bushings, you can easily change the details to make it better.

Overall, it is a great option which allows better turning, more durability, and many other features that skateboarders demand.

Skateboard Truck Parts

Skateboard Truck Parts

There are five main parts which create a skateboard truck.

  1. Axle
  2. Hanger
  3. Kingpin
  4. Bushings
  5. Baseplate

The hardest alloy rod protruding is in the middle called Axle (1). It runs across the truck and attaches to the wheels. The length of the Axle is measurable by the distance from bolt to bolt.

The parts surrounding it is Hanger (2), the area of the trucks on which you grind. It is a support bar which acts as the main effect bearing and is where the bearings, wheels are mounted.

Support the skateboard truck is Baseplate (5) and under it is Riser (pads). The baseplate is the foundation, mounted to the skateboard with four bolts.

Attached to the truck is Kingpin (3) – the most massive screw which controls the ease of turning and Bushing (4) which is made of synthetic plastic to cushion, making it easy to change direction as well as perform tricks.

The Kingpin can be loosened or tightened according to needs and is interchangeable. The more it is relaxed, the more comfortable you can flip and turn the skateboard, while the more it is tightened, the more accessible you stabilize and balance.

Skateboard Truck Materials

Skateboard trucks have a role in supporting, so the materials must be consistent and robust enough.

Also, they will affect the way the board rides, flips, or grinds, so the makers usually combine the aluminum hanger, baseplate, and steel axles.

Some brands use a more durable material, composites and other types like titanium alloy, magnesium, sometimes gold or carbon. Each one has a distinct function.

For example, skateboard trucks with titanium alloys offer a long life. They are also lightweight like the attribute magnesium material brings. Meanwhile, a kingpin made from aluminum is very light and durable.

Skateboard Truck Width & Recommended Desk Size

Before buying a skateboard truck, you should make sure that it’ll fit your deck.

The skateboard truck has many different sizes, and its width measurement depends on the length of the hanger (inner width) and the length of the axle (outer width).

As an essential part of the skateboard, it is necessary to choose the size to fit the deck most. That will bring comfort when performing tricks and grind, or turn and lean most quietly.

Each size number of the deck requires a proper width of the truck, so you should measure the body of the truck to determine whether they fit together or not.

It’s effortless!

You can follow these specific ratios to choose the right one for your skateboard truck.

Truck Axle LengthRecommended Deck Size
6" - 7.25"6.5" - 7.25"
7.5"7.25" - 7.5"
7.75"7.5" - 8.0"
8.0"8.0" - 8.5"
8.5"8.5" - 9.0"
9.0"9.0" - 10.0"
10.0"10.0" and above

However, when buying one, you might figure out that each company uses a distinct number system to determine the size of their truck.

But the difference is not too remarkable, so you can easily understand it after familiarizing yourself with a couple of the sizing charts.

Skateboard Truck Profile & Recommended Wheels

Although the majority of manufacturers refer to the low and high trucks, any truck of skateboard, which is the distance between the hanger and the bottom of the deck comes with three different profile or shapes.

Which is the best for your board? Below, I also will list recommended wheels for each kind:


The Low Profile

This profile is designed for models with small wheels, resulting in better stability. This choice suits riders who love rigorous moves and tricks.

Specifically, in case your wheel is 50-53mm, a low profile is an ideal product for sure.

The Medium Profile

If you usually ride on park and streets, you should choose the medium profile which requires 53-56mm wheel.

The High Profile

The size of the wheel for the high profile is 56mm+. This is very popular on the roads. Most people choose it because this is an easy-to-use choice.

Depending on each specific model, you make a proper decision. However, we don’t recommend wheels above 60mm even 65mm, unless you have a wider board.


A skateboard seems quite simple, but it is not easy to understand, especially the skateboard truck.

Hope that with the guide of choosing an appropriate product, it will support you to perform well and improve your ability.

All in all, the Independent Silver 139 mm is always my favorite. Not only is it easy to use but the truck is also very durable and flexible.

For further information, don’t hesitate to let me know. If you find the review useful, please like and share it with others. Thank you.