Best Electric Skateboards in 2021
(Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

Best Electric Skateboards - CleverSkateboard

Are you passionate about skateboarding?

Without denial, skate is always a hobby with appealing attraction. But, do you want to try something different but more refreshing? Try an electric skateboard!

An e-skateboard will raise your riding experience to a new level. You can control the speed and navigate your board with ease through a handheld remote or weight sensor control.

Also, it will give you an environmental-friendly and relaxing ride without taking too much effort.

If you are ready to join the evolution of skateboarding, check the list of best electric skateboards below. We provide a comprehensive review of each product so that you can choose the right one for you.

Top 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2019 (Comparison Table)

ProductCapacity (Lbs)Deck MaterialPowerMax SpeedMax Range

NPET Pro Skateboard Complete

250Maple wood150127

Hiboy S11

220Maple wood35012.46.2

WeSkate E200

260Canadian Maple wood350126

AC Electric Skateboard

300Maple wood & Bamboo 3501710


200Maple wood 3501310


260Hard rock maple 2x30023.512

Teamgee H5

200Canadian maple & fiberglass 2x3802211

Memo Board Campus2

150Canadian Maple with EVA foam grip tape 3501813

Boosted Mini X

250Poplar wood core & triaxial fiberglass 10002014
Boosted Stealth250Poplar wood, high-density foam & fiberglass 21002414

Cheapest Electric Skateboards (Under $200)

1 NPET Pro Skateboard Complete – Product for The Money

NPET Pro Skateboard Complete Electric Skateboard - CleverSkateboard

Despite being a low-end product, it is still a professional skateboard with bundles of features.

Look at its beautiful design. It comes with beautiful and realistic patterns using a thermal transfer film production process instead of stickers so that they are not easy to peel off.

Whether you love retro or modern style, it will meet your need!

As for its material, it has a durable and high-quality deck with seven layers of maple wood and a cover grip tape at the top of the deck. Thanks to this non-slip and waterproof surface, you can enjoy your ride in safety.

Want to perform some tricks and stunts? The dual concave and double kick design ensure that your feet have the best positioning and control.

Also, the rechargeable wireless remote controller will bring you more convenience in forwarding, brake, speed adjustment, and battery charging.

However, the wheels may be a little stiff at the first times of using. The board also looks shabby, so do not exert a strong force on it.

If you are looking for an e-skateboard with an affordable price, choose this product. It is so easy to learn and brings you exciting experience.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable and safety
  • Wireless remote
  • Suitable for Primary/Intermediate level
  • 180-day money-back guarantee


  • Sniff wheels
  • Looks fragile

2 Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote – Skateboard for Beginners and Children

Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard - CleverSkateboard

If you are looking for an e-skateboard for inexperienced riders, you should consider this one.

Because it is not a high-performance skateboard, it is suitable for kids and youths to ride to school, have fun, or training.

However, the skateboard still shows strong performance with a single powerful hub motor providing a smooth, streamlined power.

Aiming at children, Hiboy S11 is not particularly fast, with a max speed of 12.4mph.

Which features can you get? Ultimate safety for beginning users! Hiboy S11 meets the UL 2271 safety standard for battery management systems in electric vehicles, giving you full protection.

Secondly, it allows you to choose four different speed settings to have better control over the board.

Drawbacks? There will be no indication when you charge the battery. The core specifications still have limitations.

Overlooking minor flaws, we still regard Hiboy S11 as an excellent entry-level skateboard with an appealing price.


  • Suitable for amateurs and children
  • Regenerative braking
  • Four different riding modes
  • UL 2271 certification


  • No indication when charging
  • Limited specification

3 WeSkate E200 Electric Skateboard – Family’s Choice

WeSkate E200 Electric Skateboard - CleverSkateboard

Do you want to have fun with family and friends? With a weight capacity of 260lb, it is great for any child or adult at any age.

When it comes to the 2.4G Wireless Remote Control, it features three different modes (low, medium, and high speed), accelerator/brake control, battery display, and a reversible riding option, allowing you to switch between forward and backward with ease.

The remote has a wrist strap so that you can focus on your ride without dropping it.

By the way, the low and medium speeds can meet the needs of 90% of amateurs.

But, the medium can be even speedy, so be careful when you choose it.

Like the two skateboards above, this board has seven layers of Canadian maple wood, and the four wheels are made of high-elastic polyurethane. Therefore, your roller skate is robust but also flexible.

Ready to travel up to 6 miles thanks to the long-lasting battery. You just need two hours to charge fully.

So, just put it into a backpack, and it will be your loyal friend where you go.

WeSkate E200 does not have extremely impressive features, but it is still an okay product at this price range.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Powerful 350W Brushless Hub Motor
  • Ergonomic wireless remote control
  • Suitable for both children and adults


  • The medium speed is a little to fast

Best Electric Skateboards Under $300

4 AC Electric Skateboard 350W – A Beast at a Low Price

AC Electric Skateboard 350W - CleverSkateboard

AC Electric Skateboard is such a beast at reasonable price.

Let’s look at the deck – one of the outstanding features of AC Electric Skateboard.

It is a piece of craftsmanship of six layers of maple wood sandwiched between two layers of bamboo. This combination of material brings optimum durability and flexibility.

Not yet, the deck has a concave design with grip tape, ensuring that your feet will stay firmly on the board.

The 350W brushless hub motor boost the speed up to 17 mph, but you will never feel out of control or balance.

Also, you can mount some quite considerable weights on top of the deck but still enjoy the rock-solid performance and smooth riding experience.

However, you have to accept that the battery life is poor. The maximum range is not bad with 10 miles, but just above average compared to other products in this price range.

With the large capacity, excellent speed and performance beyond the price, AC Electric Skateboard is one of the best choices in this list.


  • Combination of maple and bamboo
  • Excellent speed and performance
  • Large weight capacity
  • Ergonomic Wireless Remote
  • Powerful 350W Brushless Hub Motor
  • Three speeding modes for both beginners and advanced skaters


  • Poor battery life
  • The average range at the price

5 Vokul V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser – Another Budget Product

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser - CleverSkateboard

If you want to buy cheap for a high-quality product, consider this one. The acceptable specifications will meet your usual need.

Vokul V1 is an eye-catching skateboard – the slim design along with a light carbon deck will make the product surprisingly faster.

Equipped with the 350W hub motor, it can handle a variety of terrains including hills or rocky places.

Besides, the regenerative braking system helps save energy and battery life.

Powered by the 4.4Ah lithium battery that meets the UL 7S2P certification, this dynamic cruiser can quickly accelerate to the maximum speed of 13 mph and go up to 10 miles after two hours of full charge – not bad with a product just over $200.

When you have an actual riding, the Vokul V1 will be very flexible and responsive although the hub drive only pushes one wheel. After several times of adjustment, you will not realize the difference.

However, we still find that the top speed is a little slow, but it has good acceleration.

We did not expect anything more from a budget skate like this. But if you feel it is okay, choose it to save money.


  • Slim but dynamic design
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ergonomic wireless remote
  • Regenerative braking system
  • 6-month comprehensive warranty


  • Limited features
  • Remote disconnection with the e-board may arise

Best Electric Skateboards Under $500

6 Backfire G2s Electric Skateboard – Top Quality At a Mid-budget

BACKFIRE G2S Electric Skateboard - CleverSkateboard

The overall specifications make the board look like a mid-level product. But, every detail is carefully designed and manufactured, so the BACKFIRE G2S brings quality beyond our expectation.

What makes it unique? The motors and tires are independently replaceable, giving you more choices of ties and lower maintenance cost.

There is not one single power but two specially customized in-hub engines, resulting in a lower center of gravity. If you are a newbie finding your balance, this feature will be useful.

The motor goes with both 80mm wheels and 96mm wheels. So, if you want high-speed riding, drifting or sliding, choose the smaller wheels.

In contrast, if you plan to ride on rough and rocky roads, use the 96 mm wheels, and they are free!

We recommend keeping the same motor and picking different wheels size – it will save you tons of money.

What else? It features the exclusive R2 wireless remote controller with an OLED display.

You will see the speed, range, mode, and battery change. Instead of three usual modes, now you can choose among four: Turbo, Eco, Sport, and Fixed Speed Road Cruise.

Also, the controller will vibrate when the battery is low.

There is one thing we are not satisfied – traveling at lower speeds may cause heavy vibration, making our feet tired.

If you are finding a smooth riding skateboard with the superior quality and aesthetically pleasing look, it is no wonder we recommend it for you.


  • Extra stability even at high speed
  • Replaceable motors and tires
  • Low center of gravity
  • Vibration and shock absorbing
  • Super flexible deck


  • Heavy vibration at low speeds
  • Cannot change speed while moving

7 Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard – The Thinnest E-board With Hidden Battery

Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard - CleverSkateboard

You are looking at the thinnest electric skateboard on the market today.

Indeed, the thin board helps to minimize the weight. Made of 10 plies of Canadian maple and one ply of fiberglass, it will add medium flexibility for a smooth ride.

The visual design with precise driving data on the remote control is also a highlight of the product.

Thanks to the headlight design of the remote control, you can ride at night in safety.

About the power, two 380W motors integrated into the skate can accelerate to 22 mph and go to 9 – 11 miles for a full charge.

More than the motor, the high-performance battery is the star of the skate. Unlike other products, it is hidden inside the board, making the visible board thinner and look like a traditional skateboard.

Also, it is an energy-saving 36-volt lithium-ion battery that only needs two hours to be fully charged.

Still, the e-skate may continue moving even after you drop the remote.

We would say that Teamgee H5 is the perfect combination of design and function.


  • Thinnest e-board
  • Dual high-speed motors
  • Flexibility, Durable construction
  • Hidden battery
  • Safety headlight design


  • May continue moving even after you drop the remote

8 Memo Board Campus 2.0 – The Most Expensive And High-quality Battery

Memo Board Campus 2.0 - CleverSkateboard

The board only has the capacity of 150 lbs, so it brings prime quality for lightweight riders to commute and travel.

Overlooking that drawback, Memo Board Campus 2.0 has many highlights.

One of them is the SANYO 20700B battery – the most expensive and high-quality battery.

During our riding on a flat surface, we are looking at a range of 11 – 14 miles after two hours of charge. Meanwhile, the remote takes only 15 minutes to be charged.

About the deck material, the deck is reliable because of using seven plies of high-quality Canadian maple wood.

But, what is new here?

It uses a non-abrasive EVA foam grip tape instead of the traditional one.

However, we still prefer the regular sandpaper grip tape because it provides a lot more grip between our shoes and the deck, and the foam one also wears faster.

Moreover, there are four riding modes: Beginner, Eco, Expert, and Pro; and you can change them mid-ride!

Heavier riders can also use this board, but the uphill riding will be affected.

Its performance is enough for most situations; and its long battery life, portability, and ease of carrying make it an ideal choice for long ride or commute.


  • Most high-quality battery
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Ergonomic remote control


  • Not suitable for heavier riders

Best Electric Skateboards Under $1000

9 Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard – High Tech Option

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard - CleverSkateboard

Boosted is one of the most influential brands on the market today, emphasizing on the board construction but still keeping it beautiful and lightweight.

Unlike the above products, Boosted Mini X deck is made of poplar wood and triaxial fiberglass, providing maximum strength plus minimum wear and tear.

With the top speed of 18 mph and 20 mph and the highest range of 14 miles, it still gives you ultimate stability.

The uphill performance is pretty good as it can go up hills as steep as 20% with ease.

Here is the new point! Boosted Mini series skateboards can connect to a smartphone app, allowing you to track your rides or estimate the range based on battery level.

If you use the Boosted app on your smartwatch, you can see your current live speed. Such a high tech feature!

But, with this price range, we expect the engine could have been more powerful.

Finding a skateboard for cruising campus, shorter commutes, and errands, the Boosted Mini X is what you need. The only negative point is the price.


  • Suitable for intermediate to expert riders
  • High tech design
  • Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote, App connection
  • Fast and powerful


  • Not ideal for long rides
  • Not waterproof

Best Electric Skateboards Over $1000

10 Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard – The Best Choice for Hight-end Skateboard

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard - CleverSkateboard

Here we come – the most high-end e-skateboard in this list!

Boosted Stealth owns the highest speed with 24 mph and super responsive acceleration. And trust us, you can ride like the wind!

How many speed modes do you guess? The answer is 5: Beginner, Eco, Expert, Pro, and exclusive all-new Hyper mode. Because it is much faster with better acceleration, you will see the fifth mode will make a huge difference.

Behold! The revolutionary deck design! Thanks to the techniques developed in premium snowboard manufacturing, the Super Flex composite deck along with the redesigned trucks and wheels will give you a smooth and relaxing ride.

So, it is no problem when you can travel up to 1,500 miles a year at the speed of 20 mph.

And just like Boosted Mini X, it can connect to the Boosted app and come with the ergonomic remote controller to make your riding experience incredibly intuitive.

I have almost nothing to complain to complain about this product. Oh, it is quite heavy, so consider if you want to carry on your shoulders.

If you are ready for a high-end option, choose this one, without a doubt.


  • High-quality board
  • Highest speed
  • Most powerful engine
  • Revolutionary design
  • App connection & Ergonomic remote controller


  • Heavy

10 Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

Deck Materials

One of the first factors you have to consider when you inspect an electric skate is the materials of the deck.

Remember that the most high-quality decks are built with multiple layers of premium wood. Some common types of wood are maple or poplar wood. It will add flexibility and durability to the products.

Usually, the number of layers ranges from 6 to 10.

But it is also essential to check if there are other materials or not because they can help enhance the quality of the deck. For example, fiberglass can improve the board’s resilience.

Wheel Quality

A large number of wheels are made of high-density rubber or polyurethane. The high-quality wheels will deliver excellent performance of speed, acceleration, feel, and handling.

However, if you plan to go off-road, on rocky terrains or uneven paths, choose the softer and bigger wheels. They can provide more grip and more predictable slide or roll on rough surfaces.

Battery Cells Quality

Everybody wants an electric skateboard with a combination of top speed and range. To achieve it, an e-board needs high-quality battery cells.

The battery in most electric skateboards today are rechargeable lithium-ion, which more beneficial than the lead-acid one.

When choosing an electric skateboard, do not forget to assess the battery life, especially if you plan to ride in long distances. Trust us; you do not want to run out of battery in the middle of a trip.

But even the best battery, lithium-ion, have a different lifetime among manufacturers.


What is the difference between a belt motor and hub motor?

A belt drive is more potent with higher torque so that the e-board can accelerate or go up the hills with ease. But it sounds much louder and requires more effort to maintain.

Meanwhile, a hub motor is cheaper but compact and integrated into the wheels. It also has fewer moving parts which are less affected by mechanical damage.

The next issue is “Single vs Dual Motors”. If possible, go with the dual motors because it will be much more powerful.

However, remember that the power with higher wattage does not directly mean that it will be faster or provide more torque. The motor controller parameters is a crucial factor.

Brakes & Bidirectional Drive

This feature is very vital because it ensures your safety.

Most electric skate features a regenerative braking system, which means converting motion into electricity. So, instead of wasting energy, the system can recover it.

The reverse drive is also a plus feature. Think of when you go in the wrong direction. There is no need to flip the board, simply use its reverse mode to go forward or backward as you want.

Speed and Range

Whether you are a beginner or a pro rider, It is essential to check if there is a suitable speed mode for you or not.

Want a fast one? Examine the top speed of a specific skateboard. We know some products can go up to 22 – 24 miles per hour.

But choosing the ones with multiple speed controls can give you full control over the speed.

What’s next? Do you ride it frequently? Do you plan to use it for long distances? Ask yourself these questions to choose the products with a suitable range.

Usually, a range of 7 – 8 miles is fine. But if you require a higher range, you can look for the one with faster charging time.

Weight & Portability

An electric skateboard will be more substantial than a traditional one, of course. However, choosing the products that have the ultimate portability is recommended. The ideal board’s weight is from 6 lbs to 10 lbs.

Are you a strong person? That is okay to carry an 11 lbs or 12 lbs board.

But although you have a perfect physical condition, do not buy a skate that is too heavy.

A skateboard over 25 pounds will make you regret, especially when you have to step off and carry it until you reach your destination.

The weight can also mean weight capacity. The heavier the rider is, the higher weight capacity must be.

Control & Stability

A good e-skate will offer stability even when you speed up. Also, having full control over your skateboard can give you more confidence and better experience of your riding.

The wireless remote control should contain these essential features: the power switch, speed modes, direction switch, brake button, and battery indicator.

Make sure to avoid purchasing an e-board that usually has a disconnectivity issue.

It must function well within the range of 7 – 14 meters.

Warranty & Customer Service

E-skateboards comes with an average warranty of 1 – 2 years. In the lower price range, the warranty is commonly limited to 6 months, but we still find it is acceptable with that price.

And obviously, the customer service will be different among brands.

So, before you buy a skateboard, especially in your first time, make sure it has a warranty label on it and high-quality customer service.

Electric Skateboard Legal

Is it legal to ride it on the street? Yes, but with certain speed limitations. The regular speed limit for it is 20 mph.

Now, It’s Time To Make A Decision!

We are so happy when you choose an e-board as a means of personal mobility.

Finding the best electric skateboard will give you the chance to enter the world of fun and excitement. It is also the perfect way to protect our environment as well as travel in a new exciting way.

We understand you will be overwhelmed with a lot of brands and products on the market. But we hope, from now on, you will not find choosing the right one challenging anymore.

If you are interested in our content, support us by liking, commenting and sharing with others. Thank you for reading.