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Skateboarding is a sport that promises to bring you a lot of fun. And believe it or not, having a well-built skateboard deck will make or break a skating experience.

Many factors contribute to the success of a skateboard deck. But unfortunately, not every buyer is aware of these elements.

In our article below, we have compiled an in-depth review of the best 11 skateboard decks. We will also offer an insight into the classification of skateboard decks, and how each feature of a skateboard deck can come into handy.

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Top 11 Best Skateboard Decks

1 Loaded Boards Bhangra Skateboard Deck

Loaded Boards Bhangra Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

Are you looking for a fancy skateboard deck that will fit your skating tricks? This loaded Bhangra deck will not let you down.

What is remarkable about a Bhangra deck is its ply. Two coatings of bamboo are pressed together, sandwiching a layer of cork.

This combination creates a durable yet flexible deck, so it is a thumb up to all the riders! Yay!

Another delicate detail of this product lies in the decoration. Loaded Boards provides the skaters with a beautiful mixture of yellow and black, meticulously painted on the deck. You will be surprised at the authenticity of the ornament.

However, the usage of a Bhangra deck is limited. It will fit you if you are into street carving or dancing. But for racing downhill? The answer is a solid no.

In short, Loaded Boarded Bhangra skateboard deck is a must-have for professional park skaters. It is adaptable, it can improve your moves’ accuracy, and it certainly impresses others with such an excellent design!


2 Loaded Boards Vanguard Skateboard Deck

Loaded Boards Vanguard Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

Another product from Loaded Boards that we would like to recommend is the Vanguard deck. So what is it that makes this product the best skateboard deck?

You might get the answer the moment you study a Vanguard’s structure.

Inspired by the shape of a snowboard, Vanguard prides itself on the tapered shape that maximizes the responsiveness of a ride.

The flexibility of this skateboard deck makes it ideal for sudden twists on the street. Do you want to turn around unexpectedly?

Or maybe even a deep carve? Vanguard will take care of that for you, and make sure your ride is safe.

However, the deck comes with already-made grip tape. Some people have no problems with this feature, but some might want to make their customizations. So this can be off-putting if you belong to the latter category.

But besides that minor drawback, Vanguard is still of good value. It is not too expensive, but it is capable of meeting your skating needs!

3 Hosmat Skateboard Deck

Hosmat Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

Is there a skateboard deck on the market that suits both adults and children? The answer is yes! All you have to do is to have a look at Hosmat product.

Have you ever get scared of falling off your deck while riding? Hosmat foresees the problem and is determined to work it out.

By spraying a layer of anti-slip grip tape on top, Hosmat ensures a balanced deck for your skating experience.

Another noticeable feature of this product is its durability.

Seven layers of Canadian maple wood result in a sturdy deck, which can support up to 220 lbs. So even an adult can ride this deck comfortably!

Nevertheless, you should not consider buying this Hosmat skateboard deck unless you are a beginner. Its concave design is excellent for basic tricks, which is not something you have to master if you are a professional skater.

To sum up, this economical Hosmat skateboard deck will fit your taste if you are about to take up skating.

4 Moose Skateboard Deck

Moose Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

If simplicity is what you want with your skateboard deck, then you have come to the right place! Let’s have a look at this product from Moose.

At first glance, you will feel at ease instantly with Moose skateboard deck.

It does not rely on bright colors or complicated decorations to impress the audience. Instead, Moose features a deep, smooth and relaxing blue.

When it comes to the material, Moose makes sure you can get access to the sturdiest deck. That is why Moose uses Canadian maple wood to craft a seven-layer deck.

Still, the design of this skateboard deck only suits beginners. It does not feature complex components that live up to the expectations of experienced skaters.

But for a price range under $30, you can rely on the quality of a Moose skateboard deck. While it might not be the best product on sale, it is definitely worth the purchase.

5 Skateboard Collective Blank Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Collective Blank Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

It is a challenge to find an affordable, yet powerful skateboard deck. But Skateboard Collective has presented riders with a perfect choice!

Why do we praise Skateboard Collective product to be the best in town?

The most attractive feature of this deck is its room for customization. Most skateboard decks have a concrete decoration, and users cannot do much to change how their deck looks.

But Skateboard Collective provides riders with a plain bottom, so feel free to let your imagination flourish.

You can also apply our random top sheet on your deck, and see how much of an artwork your deck can be!

However, you cannot do everything with this product from Skateboard Collective. Its round shape allows amateur skaters to rock the street, but professional riders may not be pleased with its simplicity.

In summary, buying a Skateboard Collective product will help save your money. It fits the budget of the average customers, while still being able to meet the basic needs!

6 Bamboo Skateboards Graphc Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Graphc Deck - CleverSkateboard

Bamboo Skateboards may not the biggest brand in town when it comes to skating, but its product is second to none.

Let’s explore the charm of a Graphc Deck brought about by Bamboo Skateboards.

Unlike a typical maple deck, Graphc makes use of bamboo.

This material is lighter and easier to move, but it still ensures the accuracy and sturdiness of a skateboard deck. Hooray!

But while the deck itself can be a blast, you will have to add on everything else. The purchase does not come with accessories like grip tape or trucks, which can be quite disappointing for some people.

Overall, for a price range between $30 and $50, you cannot find a better deal than a Graphc Deck. Enjoy your ride, everyone!

7 Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

Are you environmentally friendly, and would like your deck to follow your standards as well?

If the answer is yes then congratulations. A blank skateboard from Bamboo Skateboards will be your optimal choice.

What makes this product unique from other competitions is its eco-friendliness.

All the bamboo used to craft this deck strictly adheres to sustainable goals, so it does not have any carbon footprint.

Six layers of bamboo compiled together will create a lightweight but compelling deck.

So don’t you worry about your deck being breakable. It surely can last longer than maple skateboard decks!

But still, do not risk riding this deck on a rocky surface. The fragments can leave marks or scratches on the deck, which is not a pleasant sight.

Apart from that minor precaution, Bamboo Skateboards product will not let you down. Its price is within your budget, and the quality is decent for most skaters.

8 Vision Skateboard Deck

Vision Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

Besides skating, skateboard decks can also serve as a memento.

And if you understand the history of skating, you might want a replica of a Vision skateboard – the brand that took the world by storm in the 1980s.

The concave of this skateboard deck is low, which allows for great flexibility.

It also comes with modern adjustments, such as the pattern of the holes.

While a Vision deck is in good shape, not all of the customers choose to ride this product. People mostly use this as a hanging decoration, which explains why some decks are not very wear-resistant.

Overall, if you want to have a taste of the past, then you should not miss out on this Vision skateboard deck.

9 NPET Blank Skateboard Deck

NPET Blank Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

A versatile skateboard deck that can accommodate both beginner and professional riders seems impossible. But NPET has turned the impossible into reality!

A NPET blank skateboard deck makes sure you have a wonderful time with decoration. Why stick to plain, boring designs when you can craft your catchy deck?

Besides that, NPET also offers riders with a sturdy and balanced skateboard.

Seven layers of Canadian maple are ready to endure up to 330 lbs, which mean even an adult can find the stability on this deck.

Nevertheless, there is one small drawback. NPET drills holes in a traditional pattern, so your modern trucks may not fit the pre-drilled pattern.

In short, a blank skateboard deck from NPET will wake up your inner artist. It gives room for your creativity, and it is worth your deal.

10 NPET Pro Skateboard Deck

NPET Pro Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

Another item from NPET is a professional skateboard deck, which promises to satisfy the experienced skaters who want to make use of a high-quality deck.

The most notable feature of this skateboard lies in its wheels. Each ball has a stable hanging, which is shock-absorbing.

No more worries about getting slipped while on the move, everyone!

But that is not the end. Each of NPET product comes from sturdy Canadian maple, ensuring the lifespan of your skateboard deck.

Still, there is a limited age range for this skateboard’s riders. Those who are under six years old are not suitable for NPET skateboard deck, so be aware!

For a product that comes at a decent price, NPET professional skateboard deck is a reasonable purchase. It is stable and robust, yet it is lightweight enough for your smooth moves.

11 Merkapa Pro Complete Skateboard Deck

Merkapa Pro Complete Skateboard Deck - CleverSkateboard

Are you an experienced skater who wish to make a move with a fancy skateboard deck? Let’s have a look at a product from Merkapa.

The shape of a Merkapa skateboard deck is suitable for performing tricks, thanks to the double kick design.

It accommodates up to 300 lbs and can be a great asset to both beginner and professional riders.

What is more, Merkapa skateboard comes with 95A PU wheels, which are anti-abrasive.

Feel free to rock the bumpiest road with this pro skateboard deck, everyone!

But for first time users, the deck can come off to be quite loose.

Proper care of your deck will solve the problem, and all you have to do is to enjoy your ride.

Skateboard Deck Size

For users of different ages, there are different sizes of skateboard decks. If you are wondering which size will fit you, have a look at the clarification below.

Skateboard Deck Size - CleverSkateboard

Micro Deck

If you are looking for a skateboard deck for kids younger than 5 years old, a micro deck will suit your needs.

Its width is between 6.5’’ and 6.75’’, so remember to pick out size 3 for your shoes.

Mini Deck

For kids a bit older – from 6 to 8 years old – a mini deck is the optimal choice.

It is around 7’’ wide, and best fits children whose height is from 3’5’’ to 4’4’’.

Shoes’ size from 4 to 6 is recommended.

Mid-size Deck

Adolescents up to 12 years old are suitable to use a mid-size skateboard deck.

Its width is relatively between 7’3’’, and children above 4’5’’ high can adjust to this deck size.

Shoes’ size should be either 7 or 8.

Full-Size Deck

Anyone older than 13 can make use of a full-size deck.

The skaters should be taller than 5’3’’ while using this size deck, and their shoes’ size must be 9 or up.

Style of Skateboard Deck

Choosing the style of your ideal skateboard deck will affect the outcome of your skating experience.

People use skateboard decks for multiple purpose; each purpose has a distinctive style.

There are four primary deck styles that you should pay attention to. Remember to pick up a skateboard that will satisfy your taste in skating.

Keep reading to find out more!


As the name indicates, shortboards have the shortest length compared to other skateboard decks.

They are mostly used by street and park skaters who wish to impress everyone with some fabulous tricks in the air.


If you are thinking of strolling along the street on your deck, then you should opt for a cruiser.

A typical cruiser prides itself on the kicktails, which boosts its maneuverability.

Its use is quite versatile, but we highly recommend using a cruiser for light leisure purpose.

Old School

Old school skateboard decks have a flat nose and two uneven kicktails, meaning there is one nose wider than the other.

This asymmetrical design of old school decks makes it ideal for pool skating, slope skating or street carve.


Are you a professional skater? If the answer is yes, then a longboard deck will please you.

A longboard’s symmetrical shape will boost your downhill racing performance, and it is cut out for experienced riders!

Skateboard Concave Shapes

Concave is the curvy shape of your skateboard decks.

Unlike flat skateboards – which provide the skaters with little footing – different forms of concaves can boost your skillful performance.

Skateboard Concave Shapes - CleverSkateboard

Radial Concave

A radial concave has a shape similar to that of letter U. The majority of skateboard decks use this shape, as it gives you a balanced foothold.

Feel free to stroll, to race or to carve the street with a radical concave, since its design allows all types of skating!

Progressive Concave

As the name indicates, a progressive concave is an updated version of the typical radial concave.

It shares a U shape, but there is one steep point at each side of the rail. This design reinforces a sense of security and better footing.


Instead of having a total U shape, a W-Concave inserts an upside curve right in the middle of the deck.

This form helps you to relocate your energy, from the heel to your toes. More accuracy and swiftness are on the way!


A tub is a flat concave. It features an even line along the deck, with two sharp angles at each side of the deck.

While it can be quite a challenge for beginners, a tub allows professional skaters to perform tricks by shifting the energy quickly.


This type of concave bears some similarities to a U-shape concave. However, it does not have a consistently smooth line.

There is a rise at different angles, meaning the skaters can extract more power from their heel.


A convex is a U-shape that has been turned upside down.

Do not expect to find many convex decks in a skateboard shop, as it is designed to serve experienced skaters only.


Finding a skateboard deck with no concave at all is not easy, but flat decks are still available on the market.

A typical flat deck has an utterly smooth line, which feels spacious for your feet.

And guess what? With enough practice, a flat deck can help you put on the best tricks!

Camber & Rocker

Camber vs Rocker - CleverSkateboard

Another factor that contributes to the success of your skating experience is the lengthwise arch of the deck.

The shape of the deck’s curve is vital in determining what kind of tricks you can do. So what are the two types of decks?

Camber skateboard: If you see a skateboard deck with an elevated center, then you are looking at a camber skateboard. This type of deck is more flexible thanks to the gravity being higher. Feel free to change your act swiftly on a camber skateboard!

Rocker skateboard: This type of curve does not feature an upside U shape, but rather a downside shape. Gravity is placed closer to the ground, which means the skaters can carve the streets or accelerate downhill effortlessly.

While the camber and the rocker skateboard share some similarities, they both have one thing in common.

Their angle is soft and mellow, which means you will have a more secure footing


If you look closely to some types of skateboard decks, you will see an upward curve on the end of the deck. The skaters refer to this as a kicktail.

So what is the importance of having kicktails on your deck?

The answer lies in its ability to perform tricks. If you are a street or park rider and you would like to amaze everyone around with some fancy moves, your skateboard deck has to have kicktails.

Some decks pride themselves on having kicktails at both sides, meaning you can increase the difficulty level of your trick.

Some only have a kicktail at one side, allowing itself to be a suitable choice among semi-pro riders.

There is one more reminder about buying skateboard decks with kicktails. Sometimes, they are not all about tricks.

Kicktails make it easier for you to turn away suddenly, or to revolve around one certain point. In short, street skating can benefit a lot from these kicktails.

How To Choose Skateboard Deck

How To Choose Skateboard Deck

1. Width

A typical skateboard deck will be around 7’5’’ – 8’25’’ wide. There is no concrete “correct” width, as each style of skateboarding deck requires a different width.

And how to determine the ideal width also relies on the deck’s size.

If you opt for a deck that is too wide for your shoe size and height, the chances are that you will find skating more challenging.

You will struggle to keep your balance, thus extracting more energy from your body.

And the result? You will get exhausted quickly!

Vice versa, choosing a deck that is too cramped does not solve the problem. You are more likely to fall off your deck, as you cannot find the stability.

For the skaters more than 12 years old, a standard solution is to buy a deck at least 7’5’’ wide. This minimal width provides the most elementary foothold for all types of skating.

However, if you are into street skating and would like to engage in performing tricks, a smaller deck is highly recommended.

Another way to find deck width is to use your shoe size. Please refer to the table below:

US Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeDeck Width
4 - 4.536 - 36.53.5 - 47.5″ – 7.875″
5 - 5.537.5 - 384.5 - 57.625″ – 8″
638.55.57.75″ – 8″
6.53967.75″ – 8.125″
74067.875″ – 8.125″
7.5406.57.875″ – 8.25″
8-8.541-427-7.58.00″ – 8.25″
9 - 9.542.5 - 438 - 8.58.00″ – 8.375″
10 - 10.544 - 44.59 - 9.58.125″ – 8.5″
11 - 11.545 - 45.510 - 10.58.25″ – 8.625″
1246118.375″ – 8.625″
13 - 1447.5 - 48.512 - 13> 8.5″

Recommended deck width with shoe size

2. Length

The length of a skateboard deck refers to the stretch between its nose and its tail.

Although length is not an essential factor, it still holds some power over deciding the style of your skating experience.

For professional skaters, an ideal deck should be long so they can stroll around the street effortlessly.

But if you want to improve on swift movements, then you might need a short skateboard.

Deck LengthBody Height
28″ – 30.5″< 4.6 ft
30.5″ – 31.5″< 4.9 ft
31.5″ – 31.875″4.9 - 5.7 ft
31.75″ – 32.00″5.2 - 6 ft
31.875″ – 32.25″5.6 - 6.4 ft
32″ – 32.5″5.9 - 6.9 ft
> 32.5″> 6.2 ft

Recommended deck length with body height

3. Wheelbase

The wheelbase is all about the gap between your front and back wheels. You can check out the wheelbase by looking for the mounting holes of your deck.

Typically, a standard wheelbase will be around 13’’ to 15’’. Most of the decks available on the market rely on one single set of mounting holes, but others include numerous sets.

Experts advise short people to buy decks with a narrow wheelbase, while taller ones should choose a wheelbase large enough for their height.

How wide your wheelbase is can directly affect your skating experience.

4. Nose and Tail

The nose indicates the front part of your deck, while the tail refers to the back piece.

Generally speaking, the nose will have a bigger kick, as opposed to the soft kick of its tail.

5. Mounting Holes

Mounting holes are holes that the producers have put in a skateboard deck.

There can be one set of holes only. But some other products feature multiple mounting holes.

6. Ply

A ply means the deck of a skateboard. It usually consists of more than one wooden layer.


Because attaching several layers will ensure the durability and the tightness of a skateboard deck.

7. Concave

Concave is the curvy style of the wooden ply.

A skateboard deck with a concave will provide the skaters with more control over their ride.

8. EFP

EFP stands for Effective Foot Platform. In simple terms, EFP refers to the foothold of a skateboard.

Can you see the area in which you can step on? It is what known as EFP.

9. Rails

The rails of a skateboard deck are the edges running along your board. And believe it or not, how rails are shaped can drastically change your skating ride.

Are you into flip tricks? If the answer is yes, you may want to invest in a skateboard with rounded rails.

But if you want to focus on safety, sharp rails will ensure your stability during the swiftest slide.

Besides these two common rails, there are gas pedal rails – or GPs. GPs makes sure the rails have a sloping shape.

It can alleviate the sharpness of the rails, so you will feel more at ease while sliding along the street.


A good skateboard deck can give you an enjoyable experience, but the best skateboard deck is what stands out.

Once you get to lay your hands on a perfectly crafted skateboard deck, you will know what it is like to skate effortlessly!

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