Top 9 Best Skateboard Wheels
[The Definitive Guide]

The best wheels are those that match types of skateboard, what purpose and the level of the skateboarder.

Therefore, choosing the right type of wheel plays an important part in ensuring you will get great skateboarding experience.

Everyone desires to get good products no matter what their levels are.

This year’s top 9 best skateboard wheels will give you more informations about their highlights and summaries.

Top 9 Best Skateboard Wheel in 2019

1 Powell Peralta Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta is considered one of the oldest brands, which is a great choice for you.

Since this product has good quality and it is rather competitive to other kinds of wheels, it become very famous.

They are both soft and hard as the durometer of them is 85A, which can help you balance well so you feel free to use them on rough roads.

Apart from that, you can also use them on different terrains such as on the park, streets or even on the hills.

With 60mm diameter, they are quite dedicated for cruises and skating. They can certainly provide you maximum speed and downhill very quickly, so be aware!

2 Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

If you are fond of skating but don’t have much money to afford expensive skateboard wheels, you should choose Everland. Because this sliding wheel is not too expensive, anyone can own it.

The wheels look beautiful and have many color options to choose from.

The diameter of them is 65mm, which means these large wheels will help you have interesting experience for going cruising.

The durometer of these wheels are 78a so they are quite soft, which make them perfect choice for who fancy streets skating.

In addition, if you want to skate to go to school or work, this kind of wheels also do it good. Although they can’t give you maximum speed but they can guarantee that you won’t be late.

3 Ricta Clouds SkateBoard Wheels

Ricta Clouds SkateBoard Wheels

Ricta is also very famous and should be taken into consideration. If you like cruises and travel on skis, this is definitely what you need.

Both newbies and professionals should take these wheels into consideration.

The wheels will come in a set of four. Although they are made of soft urethane, they aren’t soft at all but still very hard.

They work well on rocky and harsh terrains, which is suitable for anyone who want to skate on streets, hills or even cracks.

Pick up them and you will have wonderful time when go cruising. They can balance well between speeding up and slowing down. You will have full control over the speed you want to go.

4 Santa Cruz Skateboards Slimeballs Skateboard

Santa Cruz Skateboards Slimeballs Skateboard

Santa Cruz is a famous brand as well because it has existed for a long time in the market as well as its offering a lot of reliable skis and accessories.

If you are interested on something art, you should have an eye on this product. They have the unique design of Slimeball Nomits that looks great when you are rolling on the street.

These paints are detailed works of art and they are not easily worn out.

The diameter of them is 60mm, which is quite large and suitable for both sliding and cruising.

The durometer is 97a. They are remarkably hard and able to travel very quickly on pools and ramps.

They are really good value for money! These wheels work great on slick surfaces, making them professionals too.

5 Generic 59mm Classic Skateboard Wheels

Generic 59mm Classic Skateboard Wheels

These wheels are available in a set of four, each with a diameter of 59 mm, giving you extremely fast speeds.

The wheels are available in different colors, one can choose. You will also find them interesting as they are easily installed.

These wheels were made of sturdy PU material, implying that the wheels were built to survive.

On top of that, each wheel comes with 9 bearings to give you the convenience you want.

Another good thing about the wheels is that they are affordable despite having all these great features.

6 Orangatang in Heat 75mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels

Orangatang in Heat 75mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels

Orangatang’s 75mm model has a rather stiff configuration with sharp edges made of clamps and thick lips that help maintain speed.

They are designed to maintain grip and have a smooth feel on most types of terrain.

They do not automatically operate smoothly right inside the box because of the strong grip and sharp edges. You have to ride them a bit to make them.

These Orangatang wheels are made to slide in highway courses and rough roads because of the size and width of the exposed patch.

Overall, they provide outstanding performance, durability, traction and grip. If you like to ride a skateboard at high speed, these items are very suitable for you.

7 Shark Wheel 1001S60MMS78AB Skateboard Wheels

Shark Wheel 1001S60MMS78AB Skateboard Wheels

Unlike previous brands, Shark Wheels has an interesting design with curved shapes.

With their distinctive designs, it is hopeful that this type of wheels will become best seller’s items and favourite wheels for anyone who likes skating on streets and even on harsh terrains.

With 60mm in diameter and 78a in durometer as well as good design, these wheels can work well on almost every difficult surfaces. They can also help skateboarder control well when slide or grip.

Thanks to their special sidinder recipe, this combines both reduced friction and traction when you ride.

Thus, they can give you maximum speed when you skate on smooth places and when you travel on rough terrains, they can also work well as well as provide comfort to you.

8 Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

This bighead version has gained much love thanks to its smooth surface effect.

It is noticeable that the durometer of these wheels is up to 99a, which make it become on of the hardest kinds of wheels now.  

If you have a favour of performing tricks, let’s pick up these wheels as they are voted to be the best ones in this category.

They not only work well and smoothly on parks, pools or ramps, but they also have an ability of supporting skateboarder carry out both easy and complicated tricks.

There are many colors for you to choose from as they have 6 colors:  red, yellow, blue, green, purple and royal blue.

9 Orangatang Kegel 80mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels

Orangatang Kegel 80mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels

Orangatang Kegel wheels are outstanding because they have very large support core, while other wheels don’t have.

Another reason why you should consider buying them is because of their smoothness. In comparison with others, this Kegel is far smoother, which make it recommended for anyone fancy skating on rough terrains.

You can have fun skating on many places due to 46mm support core offered.

Moreover, with 80a durometer, you can perfectly bounce or land beautifully. You can also travel as fast as you want because these wheels support more weights.

Because the diameter of them is 80mm, you feel free to travel on any difficult terrains. There is also another version of 75mm for you to choose from (this version is cheaper).

Wheels Material – Polyurethane

Why is Polyurethane Usually Used To Make Skateboard Wheels?

Polyurethane is a common material for many types of wheels, and skateboard wheels are not exception. Skateboard wheels have been made of Polyurethane for a very long time.

They have many features that any other material will lack. For example, they can be made from different polyurethanes, which will provide different properties of traction and elasticity.

Polyurethane (PU) will not easily be broken under impact because it has high flexible strength, so it will help easily break through crack.

Moreover, materials can be fabricated with varying degrees of rigidity that will affect how long skaters slip, length of slides, traction of slides, for example.

For skis, stiffness doesn’t really matter, but when you travel on long roads, it’s all about the stiffness of your wheels.

How to Choose Suitable Skateboard Wheel Diameter (Size)?

The size or diameter of your skateboard wheel will significantly affect your skateboard performance.

Skateboard Wheel Diameter

A large diameter wheel will go faster and a bit heavier than smaller wheels.

A big wheel will also lift you and your deck out of the ground higher than a smaller wheel. A smaller one will weigh less, keeping you closer to the ground and easier to maneuver.

The size of the wheels will definitely affect its diameter. The unit of measurement of wheel’s diameter is usually millimeters.

If you choose large wheels, you will go faster. Otherwise, small wheels are lighter but you choose the small one, you will go slower.

About the width of the wheels, wide wheels will balance better as well as help you travel faster and smoother.

The recommended wheel diameter is between 52 and 60mm.

There are 2 ways to choose wheels size: Based on your truck profile & based on your deck width.

Based on Your Truck Profile

If you are interested in diameter, it is also important to know how to choose the suitable size for your truck wheel.

Here are some tips to choose the wheels size based on your truck profile:


Low Trucks – Low trucks offer more stability, which is suitable for you to perform trick. The recommended wheels for these trucks are smaller size wheels, so you should choose a size of between 50 and 53 mm.

Medium/Standard Trucks – This truck is perfectly designed for parks and concrete streets, so you should choose a wheel that is a bit taller than a low-load truck. Suitable wheel size for these trucks should be around 53 to 56 mm.

High Trucks – These trucks tend to suit people who like carvings and cruising. Thus, you need to use big wheels for them so you can consider the diameter size over 56 mm.

Based on Your Deck Width

In addition to the trucks profile, you also need to know the deck width to figure out the suitable diameter of the wheel.

The deck is the surface that you stand on when you skate. The skating decks size usually ranges within 7.5- 8.25 inches.

It depends on the size of shoes you wear, the style you usually perform, and also the height of you to classify the specific width you need.

We can categorize the skateboard decks sizes into 4 group and these are some tips to choose perfect wheels for each kinds of decks

Between 7.5 and 8.0-inch decks width – If you want to travel on streets and do interesting tricks, pick this one. You should choose wheel with the size within 48- 58 mm.

Between 8.0 and 8.25-inch decks width – These decks have an ability to work well on ramps, pools, rails and parks so it is necessary to use bigger wheels than the previous kinds of decks. Then the size recommended is between 52 and 60 mm

Between 8.25 and 8.5-inch decks width – They are perfect for those who are tall and have big feet. If anyone likes skating on park or pool, these decks can do well. And the wheels size you should choose is from 54mm to 60mm.

Over 8.5-inch decks width – These decks is suitable for anyone who love cruising. This deck will require wheels with diameter that is under 58mm

Wheels Durometer/ Hardness

Durometer is used to determine the stiffness of skateboard wheels. Traditionally, they were measured on Scale A Scale.

This 100-point gauge is used by most manufacturers, however, they also use a hardness tester of scale B of B, which can measure 20 points lower than the scale A. For example, 100a wheels fit the hardness of 80b wheels.

Low-durability wheels will be softer, better grip and provide a smoother steering feel while the wheels have higher durability with less traction and allow a more natural feel.

Most skateboard wheel companies offer a variety of thermometers and formulas that are clearly aimed at some types of skateboarding.

Here are some hardness level you need to know:

From 78A to 87A – With this scale, skateboard wheels are often soft, which suits using on long road, hills and cruising. These wheels can do gripping and rolling task well, which will provide you with wonderful experience.

From 88A to 95A – These wheels can make you travel faster but it is also not very easy to control, therefore it is perfect for those who travel on streets or harsh surface.

From 96A to 99A – If you are newbie, you should consider this one. They can give you good grip and dramatic speed. You can use them on many surfaces such as: streets, parks, ramps and pools.

Over 101A – Wheels with this scale are considered the fastest and the hardest, they don’t work well on slick or rough surface. Thus, only professional and skillful skateboarders should choose them.

From 83B to 84B – Wheels with this durometer is remarkably hard as they use B scale. In comparison with those using A scale, they are 20 points lower.

Contact Patch

Contact patch plays an important role on performing skateboarding. The area that contacts the road is called contact patch. The bigger the wheels are, the larger the contact patch will be.

Contact Patch

If you obtain a large contact patch, you can distribute your weight past a wide field. Thus, having a large contact patch can help reduce squeezing and rolling resistant in your wheels.

Everyone should know that the wheel shape affects the sizes of the exposed patch.

In case you use round wheels, it is likely that they will be less exposed to the road surface. You can also consider choosing square wheels for maximum exposure to the road surface.

Also, be aware that the real location of the contact patch has a great effect on the wheel’s total work.

Wheels Shape

The shape of the wheels can affect your performance a lot as they can help determine the interaction with the road.

There are two kinds of wheel shapes: Sharp lip and rould lip.

Sharp Lip

Sharp lip can make you grip higher as it has an ability of bending and digging deeply into the road.

With large contact patch, these sharp wheels are very good at gripping so they will surely not make you disappointed.

Round Lip

Unlike sharp lip. round lip doesn’t bend a lot.

Round Wheels also have thicker lips, which will help the wheel slip easily into a skid. It often provides traction and force so it is easier to use.

Choosing Skateboard Wheels in Different Terrain

There are many wheels available now, it bets on the place you want to skate to choose the suitable wheels.

It is rather difficult to choose but don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll know how to choose the right one.

Street and Technical/ Training

To skate on the street and perform technical tricks, you should choose the skateboard wheel that is hard enough to handle.

You can get stuck when you are grinding if you use wheels with large diameter. It is advisable to use soft wheels as they can do more bouncing.

The suitable wheels for street and technical tricks performing must have some features below:

  • Diameter: from 49mm to 53mm.
  • Durometer: from 96A to 101A.
  • Round lipped and conical shaped wheels.

Transition and Parks

You have to choose wheels that give you motivation as well as have an ability of carrying out some simple tricks.

It is advisable for you to choose Ricta, Bones or Spitfire.

The wheels that can handle this may have some aspects below:

  • Diameter: between 53 mm and 54 mm.
  • Durometer: between 96A and 101A.
  • Round lip wheels, conical shaped

Vert and Bowl

You have to find wheels that are large in diameter and there must be grip so that the skateboard will not accidentally slide. When you choose wheels, take notice of some following features:

  • Durometer: from 96A to 101A
  • Diameter: from 54mm to 59 mm.
  • Round lipped wheels.
  • Large contact patch.

Just Cruising

You’d better choose large diameter wheels if you want to ride smoothly. It will be awful if you ride with small wheels so getting big wheels to ensure you have a good trip.

Find the ones with these factors:

  • Diameter: over 60mm
  • Big contact patch
  • Durometer: approximately 96A
  • Sharp or round lip wheels

Cruising and Tricks

If you are skateboarders who fancy going cruising and performing some technical tricks, you will need wheels that will ensure a smooth ride.

This kind of wheels will have some following qualities

  • Durometer: 86A – 95A
  • Diameter: 54 mm – 6 mm

How to Change Your Wheels and Bearings?

1. Removing the nuts and speed washers

Place your skateboard on the table or the floor.

Then use a skating tool or electric drill to take the nuts and speed washers off and put them somewhere you can easily see.

2. Taking off the inner bearings

Remove the inner bearing is the same to the way you open a bottle of beer.

3. Spin the wheels round

You will be keeping a pair of wheels with external bearings still in it.

Rotate them round and place them back on the shafts, so that the wheels are inward.

4. Remove the outer bearings

Using the same movement you did in step 2(like opening a bottle of beer), remove the outer bearings.

5. Check everything is regulated

You should order things like the image below. Bearings, pad and speed washers must be in order.

6. Put the outer bearings on

You may have to squeeze it a bit, but since you are pushing both cakes at once, you are making this process twice as fast as before.

7. Turn your wheels round

In each wheel, you should leave a bearing. Rotate the circular wheels so they face out again and align them with internal bearings and pads.

8. Insert the inner bearings

You have to squeeze a little bit, use the power from your muscles to make it fit into the core. Remember to use axes to help regulate everything so that there aren’t anything wrong with the bearing.

9. Tighten the axle nuts

Just like when you take them off, use skating tool or electric drill to tighten the nuts. Spin and shake your wheels to make sure everything is done.


Finding the best skateboard wheels is essential for all those who love this exciting sport. However, you can’t just choose any wheel and then find out it is not the one that best suits your needs.

After reading this review, there is no challenge in finding suitable skateboard wheel. If you think this review is helpful, please don’t hesitate to share!