10 Best Skate Shoes 2024
Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A good pair of skateboarding shoes can best protect your feet when you play the sport.

Many skateboarding techniques affect your legs, so it is necessary to choose the shoes that suit you.

Specializing in importing, trading skate shoes and attachments, along with our experience of using for a long time, we want to provide necessary things to consider to attain the most appropriate shoes for you.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Shoes Reviews

1 DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes – The Most Breathable and Comfortable Shoes

DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes

Adequate support and maximizing durability are a few of the outstanding features that I can say when describing this shoe.

Thanks to the padded foam tongue, collar, and two small “breather” holes on the side, your feet will be as much as comfortable and breathable using the product.

On hot days, you can walk or run a lot without worrying about any sweat in the shoes.

I also like its reliable skateboard grip which helps me balance better when implementing complicated skateboarding techniques.

The biggest downside of this option is the size chart that seems smaller than the normal one. So if you want to purchase a pair of DC shoes, you’d better evaluate your feet size based on their actual length and width.

2 Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoes – Having The Most Amazing Grip & Traction

Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoes

Adidas is one of the biggest sneaker brands in the world due to high quality and flexibility, and this one is no exception.

The Adidas Seeley offers users a perfect grip while completing your outfit.

The sneaker fits precisely to your shoe size and is grippy to the board, so it’s very convenient, especially for skaters.

Meanwhile, you can match it with every style, from pants, shorts to skirts and every color.

However, you first might not like it because the new and tight sneakers will take a bit of time to break-in. They also have a small issue with durability when applying in heavy skateboard use.

All in all, it is still a perfect choice balancing style and comfort.

3 DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoes – The Best For Beginners

DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoes

They are not the first shoes I use and like, but when every customer asks me to pick a suitable one for her kids, I will recommend this footwear.

That’s because its soles are grippy, so you can ride a skateboard for hours without being annoyed.

Even if you are a very active person who goes out a lot, it will relieve your pain and bring your feet with a comfortable fit.

The insufficient arch support and poor board feel of the DC Court Graffik are what I don’t like about the sneakers. Still, its durability makes it an ethical choice for beginners.

4 DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoes – The Highest-Quality Shoes

DC Men’s Pure SE Skate Shoes

The DC Men’s Pure SE has excellent fit and quality and everything I could ask for in a skate shoe. It is the combination of a premium textile and a synthetic leather upper.

The enhanced reinforcement on the toe panel offers users a better level of durability.

Besides, you can choose from a variety of eye-catching colors offered by the DC brand. It will match any style that you want, and it’s easy to clean the stains on the shoes.

Like the DC shoes of Men’s Pure version, this product line also has a problem of the smaller size chart.

But you can easily handle it, which makes the brand have 5 out of 10 best skate shoes in our list.

5 DC Men’s Net Lace-Up Shoes – Perfect For Wide Or Big Feet

DC Men’s Net Lace-Up Shoes

If you have wide feet or look for padding in the heel, tongue, and ankle, then the DC Men’s Net Lace-Up shoe will support you to fix landing kickflips with one foot better.

It will be your excellent choice that offers good comfort for all toes without problems like cramping, reflected in the decent arch support, thick sole cushioning, and good air circulation.

There is a variety of choices for you with many colors available on the market. You can match them with your outfit effortlessly.

Anyway, if you are a first-use skater, you should consider another choice because this one will take you a couple of days to break in.

6 Lakai Men’s Griffin Skate Shoes – Best For Jumping Down Stuff

Lakai Men’s Griffin Skate Shoes

The next skate footwear that we have on here comes from a brand inspired by skateboarding – Lakai.

And they did a great job with the Lakai Men’s Griffin version which is very flexible and durable no matter how tough the ground you’re skating is.

Their fit is excellent wrapping around your feet when skating, especially with the problematic turning and landing moves.

Furthermore, the thin insole and flexible, durable outsole will help you flip your board more comfortable.

It meets all the expectations a skate shoe needs to have, which are flexibility, breathable feature, and shock absorbent.

Though it is stylish with an eye-catching suede material and laces tucked under, there is a limited choice for this product.

7 DC Women’s Trase TX Skate Shoes – Best For Slim Or Narrow Feet

DC Women’s Trase TX Skate Shoes

The next of our top pick is another shoe of the DC brand – the DC Trase TX Skate Shoes.

Due to specialized design and engineering, the sneakers are more appropriate for those who have narrow feet, yet still, offer the maximizing comfort and airy feeling for them.

As you can see from the picture, it has a more compact outlook than other shoes of the same brand.

Moreover, with a vulcanized sole, the product is very lightweight and flexible, making skateboarding easier.

Because it is suitable for narrow feet, you should not buy the product if you are in a different situation.

8 Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes – The Most Durable And Iconic Shoes

Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

There would not be enough to mention the advantages of the Vans Old Skool Classic Shoes. They are too prevalent among professional and amateur skaters.

You can meet the appearance of the sneakers everywhere on the streets, in offices, or on music stages, etc.

The most outstanding highlight of the product is its sturdy and thick sole, which creates its balance and stability. Also, the heel padding helps users prevent their heels from slipping and causing blisters.

We also highly respect its combination of textile and suede on the upper. Thanks to this attribute, your feet will be breathable and cozy inside.

The only drawback of the shoes, as I can say, is that after 8 hours of skating, it can get uncomfortable on feet, especially less supportive when flying off the ramp.

9 Reebok Work Men’s Soyay RB1910 Skate Style EH Safety Shoes – Best For Hottest Days

Reebok Work Men’s Soyay RB1910 Skate Style EH Safety Shoes

It would be very uncomfortable wearing a pair of shoes on a 40-degree-Celsius day and even worse when playing a sport. However, you will be stunned by what this Reebok brings about.

This premium footwear offers skaters the protection against heat and metal chips due to the Tailex lined inside.

Besides, it is slip-resistant, helping keep you on your board or feet in wet and oily conditions. Thus, you won’t have to worry about being scuffed on a concrete surface.

Though they are convenient and distinct, those shoes are not for everyone.

They are not running sneakers, and if that is your style, I would not recommend these because they are quite heavy.

10 Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoes – The Most Pocket-friendly Shoes

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

For many years, Etnies have engineered and manufactured many shoes that create its placement in the map of skate sneaker brands.
Among them, the Etnies Jameson 2 Eco is the most exceptional.

These shoes are what you look for with a budget amount, which still offers excellent features for your skateboarding interest. At a more advantageous level, they are eco-friendly.

Let’s take a closer look at its structure. It is a low-top pair, yet is more padded than regular shoes, so you will be very comfortable wearing them. The low top allows you put on quickly as the slippers and it is breathable as well.

At the first couple of uses, you might feel that the soles of these shoes are a bit slippery. However, it is not a big issue that you’ll feel better later. If you have wide feet, then it’s not for you.

Overall, these shoes are very convenient to use and most excellent for skateboarding, hiking, weightlifting, and everyday life activities.

Skateboard Shoes vs. Normal Shoes: What is The Difference?


As one of the main differences, sustainability is an ability of the skate shoes to handle many stress as well as wear and tear during practicing and failing involved.

Materials and design reflect that durability of skate shoes. Some brands specialize their products by using suede of synthetic microfiber fabric or cow leather. Others provide double or even triple stitches, etc.


For skaters, they have to consider a lot because just a little bit of negligence during training, it can lead to a severe injury.

Using skate shoes for a long time, you will realize that they have many different attributes compared to regular sneakers, from interior reinforced toe caps, padded heels, thicker soles, broad tongues to lace protectors, etc.


It seems obvious, right? But in fact, some brands are making the shoes for only one use: skateboarding.

That’s why they increase the protection for the products to handle the sport’s dangerous nature or come with sturdier materials, durable designs.

If you want to invest in skateboarding interest, a specialized pair of shoes is indeed vital.

Types of Skateboard Shoes

Types of Skateboard Shoes

There are three typical types of skateboard sneakers, including low, mid, and high top shoes.

So, what are they?

High-top shoes have a higher cut than other ones, usually above the ankle. They provide skaters with more stability and safety for your feet. Also, in winter, they will keep you warmer.

If you still want a high top, but it does not breathe very well, you can alter the option of mid top shoes.

They have a slightly higher cut than low-tops yet lower than the high-tops, offering a higher level of stability and support.

On cold days, your feet will surely be warm and dry enough.

For those who want compact and lightweight skate shoes, the flat standard models of low-tops are what you cannot ignore.

They are suitable to use in summer due to no padding in the ankle area. With highly developed insoles, your feet are still in protection.

Types of Soles: Vulcanized vs. Cupsole

Vulcanized vs. Cupsole

The two distinct types of soles are also what you should know because they affect your comfort, stability when skateboarding and the shoe durability.

The first one is cupsole, which makers sew into the shoes. It consists of three main parts, including an outsole, midsole, and separate insole.

The sneakers with cup soles are more stable and better at damping, especially when skating gaps and steps.

However, it makes the shoes heavier and less flexible than the remaining one – vulcanized sole.

With the second choice, you can jump on your board without having to break the shoes first due to the lightweight attribute.

The drawback of the vulcanized sole is that the sneakers wear out relatively quickly.


With our newest and most objective reviews on the best skate shoes of all time, hope you will be able to practice and ride the skateboard as a professional player.

Among them, the DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes are always our top pick because of their outstanding and distinctive features.

If you have the same opinion as us, don’t hesitate to like and share the review to let others know. Thank you.